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Race, Ethnicity, and Language: Pedagogical Possibilities (AFRICAAM 389C, CSRE 385)


This seminar explores the intersections of language and race/racism/racialization in the public schooling experiences of students of color. We will briefly trace the historical emergence of the related fields of sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology, explore how each of these scholarly traditions approaches the study of language, and identify key points of overlap and tension between the two fields before considering recent examples of inter-disciplinary scholarship on language and race in urban schools. Issues to be addressed include language variation and change, language and identity, bilingualism and multilingualism, language ideologies, and classroom discourse. We will pay particular attention to the implications of relevant literature for teaching and learning in urban classrooms.

RILE, RILE Linguistic diversity and identity, UG Minor, UG Minor Teaching and Learning
Course Focus: 
Race Culture Class
Masters, Undergraduate, Doctoral